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tesla as direct seller…..battle moves to ohio

 By Antony Ingram | HighGearMedia.com
Once more into the fray: Another state’s car dealers are pushing for legislation to ban Tesla Motors from selling its electric cars directly to buyers.

This time it’s Ohio. And legislators have unexpectedly moved up a hearing on the new law to today, according to a letter from Tesla Motors [NSDQ:TSLA]The hearing takes place early this afternoon..

The Ohio Dealers Association is backing an amendment to Ohio Senate Bill 137–an unrelated bill that requires Ohio drivers to move left so as to leave an empty lane between themselves and highway maintenance vehicles at the side of the road,

Attaching the anti-Tesla amendment to an uncontroversial bill already moving toward adoption could see it become law more quickly than on its own.

The proposed amendment would ban Tesla’s practice of selling its electric cars directly to customers, who place their orders online with the company after seeing and learning about the Model S in company-owned stores.

That would require Tesla to transact its sales through independently-owned third parties, which is to say, traditional car dealerships.

The full text of the proposed amendment to bill 137 reads as follows:

517.12 Denial of license as motor vehicle dealer, motor vehicle leasing dealer, manufactured home broker, or motor vehicle auction owner.

(A) The registrar of motor vehicles shall deny the application of any person for a license as a motor vehicle dealer, motor vehicle leasing dealer, or motor vehicle auction owner and refuse to issue the license if the registrar finds that the applicant:

(11) Is a manufacturer or a subsidiary, parent, or affiliated entity of a manufacturer. applying for a license to sell or lease new or used vehicles at retail. Nothing in this division shall prohibit a manufacturer from disposing of vehicles at wholesale at the termination of a consumer lease through a motor vehicle auction. This division shall not serve as a basis for termination, revocation, or non-renewal of a license granted prior to the effective date of this provision.

Tesla suggests the amendment wouldn’t just harm Model S (and future Tesla) customers in the state, but the state itself.

Ohio companies have supplied $10 million in parts and components this year to build Model S cars, the company says. And proposed Tesla facilities in Dublin, Columbus, and Cincinnati would employ 26 people and add $7 million in “direct economic activity” to the state.

The state is also part of Tesla’s plans for its Supercharger fast-charging network–benefiting owners not just in Ohio, but in surrounding states too.

Tesla may turn to the same tactics it has used elsewhere to encourage legislators to make the right decision. In some states, it appears, a drive in a Model S is all that has been needed for some decision-makers to change their minds.

In fact, Tesla has already done exactly that: The Columbus Dispatch carries photographs of members of the Ohio legislature testing out the Model S–an 85 kWh Performance model, naturally.

If it has the same effect as test drives in other states have had, it could be a wise move indeed. Bloomberg reports that legislation against Tesla’s direct selling in North Carolina was dropped completely after lawmakers and the state governor got behind the wheel. New York too dropped a similar bill.

While a similar tactic didn’t work in Texas, lawmakers and politicians there too were reportedly impressed with the car.

Tesla has urged its Ohio owners and supporters to attend the hearing in Ohio Statehouse Room 122 at 1:30 pm today.

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dmv reveals odometer fraud is rampant on craigslist


odometer rollback scams
odometer rollback scams


OAKLAND, Calif. —

You might think digital odometers on modern vehicles car can’t be rolled back, but DMV officials tell 2 Investigates that they are even easier to roll back than older odometers.

The amateur videos posted on the Internet look like something out of a video game.  In a matter of seconds, digital odometers are rolled back, sometimes by tens of thousands of miles, at the touch of a button.

Investigators say it’s only some of the evidence of a troubling rise in odometer fraud in California.  A recent study by vehicle history reporting website Carfax found more odometers are illegally “rolled back” in California than anywhere else.

The same study reports more than 295,000 cars with rolled back odometers were on the road in California.  California was also at the top of the list of states with the higest percentage of rolled back odometers, ahead of Nevada, Massachusetts, New York, and Texas.

The U.S. Department of Justice estimates victims of this kind of fraud lose an average of $4,000 per vehicle.

Keat Fleckner of Livermore is among the recent victims.

Fleckner bought a 1990 Toyota pick-up with about 150,000 miles for $2600.  He didn’t know he had been duped until his engine blew out.

“The first thing that goes through your mind is, I’m in the middle of the highway and my truck’s not running,” said Fleckner.

A Carfax vehicle history report revealed the odometer had been rolled back by as much as 150,000 miles, meaning its true mileage was closer to 300,000 miles.

“Then you start reflecting: Did I just buy a piece of crap?” asked Fleckner.

Fleckner chose to keep the truck, but repairs cost him another $5,000.

At DMV headquarters in Sacramento, Commander Tom Wilson showed 2 Investigates how criminals are easily changing digital odometers with equipment meant for mechanics working on cars involved in accidents.

“In previous years, we would get just a few cases trickling in. Now it just seems like the floodgates are open,” said Wilson.

Two recent cases involved more than 500 vehicles, according to Wilson. He showed KTVU more than 50 instrument panels seized by investigators.

In one of the cases, investigators arrested three men for selling more than 200 cars with rolled back odometers.  Wilson says the men moved the cars between the Bay Area and Central Valley to try to cover their tracks.  The suspects also altered car titles to reflect the new lower mileage.

“By their own records, we found they profited almost $296,000 before the radar was even focused on them,” said Wilson.

Virtually all of their business was done on Craigslist.  Investigators say they search the website on a regular basis, looking for red flags.  Experts say cars most likely to have their odometers rolled back are 14 to 15 years old.

Fleckner has now taken on a second job to help pay for the unexpected expenses that came with his truck.

The DMV has published a list of tips and advice to help consumers avoid becoming victims of odometer fraud. Carfax also offers a free way to check a car’s odometer history on its website.



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